A1.Crispy Spring Roll (2) —————————————————————————————$2.50
A2.Chicken Egg Roll (2)——————————————————————————————$3.00
A3.Cheese Crab Puff (6)——————————————————————————————$4.75
A4.Bacon Wrapped Chicken———————————————————————————$4.75
A5.Meat Dumpling(6)(Steamed  or Fried)———————————————————–$5.75
A6.BBQ Boneless Ribs——————————————————————————————-$6.75
A7.Fried Chicken Wings(6)———————————————————————————–$6.95
A8.Beef Stick (4)—————————————————————————————————–$6.75
A9.B.B.Q. Spare Rib (4)——————————————————————————————$6.75
A10.Crispy Fried Shrimp(6)———————————————————————————$6.95
A11.French Fries—————————————————————————————————-$2.75
A12.Chicken in Lettuce Wraps—————————————————————————-$6.95
A13.Shrimp in Lettuce Wraps——————————————————————————$9.95
A14.Combo Platter(For 2)————————————————————————————$12.99
*An assorted arrangement of appetizers served on a rotating platter with center flame for roasting spring roll, fried shrimp, spareribs teriyaki beef, and crab puffs
A15.Veg Dumpling(6)(Steamed  or Fried)-$5.25


B114.Beef W/ broccoli——————————————————————————————$10.25
B115.Kung Pao Beef W/ peanut🌶————————————————————————$10.25
B116.Pepper Steak———————————————————————————————–$10.95
B117.Beef W/ snow peas—————————————————————————————$10.25
B118.Beef Hunan Style—————————————————————————————-$10.25
B119.Beef W/ garlic sauce🌶——————————————————————————–$10.25
B120.Beef W/ mixed vegetable—————————————————————————-$10.95
B121.Shar Char Beef——————————————————————————————–$10.95
B122.Orange Beef🌶———————————————————————————————$10.95
B123.Mongolian Beef W/ onion—————————————————————————-$10.95


P01.Sweet and Sour Pork————————————————————————————–$8.95
P02.Roast Pork With snow peas—————————————————————————$8.95
P03.Shredded Pork With garlic sauce🌶————————————————————–$8.95
P04.Moo Shu(Pork, Chicken, or Beef)——————————————————————$8.95
P05.Moo Shu Shrimp——————————————————————————————–$9.25
P06.Moo Shu Combination———————————————————————————$10.75
*(All Moo Shu dishes served with 4 Pancakes)
P07.Shredded Pork in Peking Sauce——————————————————————$10.75
*(Served with 4 Pancakes)


V01.Green Vegetable With straw mushrooms mixed white sauce———————-$8.25
V02.Sauteed Mixed Vegetables—————————————————————————–$7.95
V03.Sauteed Broccoli With garlic sauce🌶———————————————————–$7.95
V04.Sauteed Bean Curd With vegetables in brown sauce————————————$8.95
V05.Eggplant in Garlic Sauce🌶—————————————————————————-$8.95
V06.Sauteed String Beans With ground pork——————————————————-$8.50
V07.Ma po Tofu🌶————————————————————————————————-$8.95
V08.Hunan Tofu🌶————————————————————————————————$8.95

Egg Foo Young

L1.Choice:(Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Veg)—————————————————————$9.99

Fried Rice

L1.Choice:(Chicken, Pork, or Veg)————————————————————————-$7.99

Lo Mein

L1.Choice:(Chicken, Pork, or Veg)————————————————————————-$7.99
L4.Three Flavor Singapore Rice Noodle—————————————————————-$8.50


S123.Sweet & Sour Shrimp———————————————————————————–$11.50
S124.Shrimp With Broccoli———————————————————————————-$11.50
S125.Shrimp Hunan Style🌶———————————————————————————$11.50
S126.Shrimp with snow peas——————————————————————————-$11.95
S127.Shrimp wiith mixed Vegetables—————————————————————–$11.50
S128.Shrimp with Garlic Sauce🌶———————————————————————–$11.50
S129.Shrimp with Lobsters Sauce———————————————————————-$11.50
S130.Kung Pao Shrimp🌶————————————————————————————-$11.50
S131.Szechuan Shrimp🌶————————————————————————————-$11.50
S132.Sauteed Shrimp and Chicken With cashew nuts—————————————-$12.50
S133.Crispy Fish with hot garlic sauce🌶————————————————————-$12.95
S134.Shrimp Scallops With mixed vegetables🌶————————————————–$13.95
S135.Crispy Shrimp With walnuts———————————————————————–$13.95

Healthy Dishes

D1.Steam Fresh Vegetables————————————————————————————$7.95
D2.Chicken With vegetables———————————————————————————–$8.99
D3.Chicken Tenders With broccoli————————————————————————-$9.25
D4.Shrimp With vegetables———————————————————————————-$11.25
D5.Shrimp With snow peas———————————————————————————–$11.25
D6.Sliced Salmon with fresh vegetables————————————————————–$11.95

Chef Specialties 

1)Sauteed Beef Chicken and Shrimp in Mongolian style——————————-$13.95
(Sliced Beef, Chicken, Shrimp marinated, sauteed with onions in chef’s special sauce)
2)Eggplant With chicken &shrimp——————————————————————-$12.95
(Sauteed Chinese eggplant with white meat, Chicken and Shrimp with special sauce)
3)Three Delight With hot garlic🌶——————————————————————–$13.95
(Beef, Shrimp and Chicken served with Shredded red and green bell pepper with chef’s special sauce)
4)Shrimp and Scallops in Szechuan sauce🌶————————————————$14.95
(Fresh Scallops and jumbo Shrimp sauteed with a mix of red and green pepper with chef’s special sauce)
5)Shrimp With spicy salt🌶—————————————————————————-$12.95
(These famous Shrimp from our chef are crispy & aromatic finished with our special seasoned and spicy salt)
6)General Tso’s Shrimp🌶———————————————————————————$13.95
(Special marinated Shrimp with sauteed broccoli in our chef’s special sauce)
7)Thai Chicken and Shrimp🌶————————————————————————–$14.95
(Tender white meat Chicken and Shrimp sauteed with string bean in special Thai sauce)
8)Crystal Shrimp———————————————————————————————-$13.95
(Shrimp in a crest sauteed in our chef’s special honey sweet sauce, topped with sesame seeds)
9)Sizzling Black Pepper Beef🌶———————————————————————-$12.95
(Sliced tender beef sauteed with fresh vegetables in our chef’s special black pepper sauce)
10)Seafood Imperial Sizzling Platter————————————————————–$16.50
(Tender Lobster meat and Shrimp, fresh scallops and sliced prawn sauteed with golden vegetbles served in hot sizzling platter)
11)House Special Fish🌶————————————————————————————$12.95
(Deep fried fish, served with special vegetable & hot & spicy light sauce)
12)Happy Family———————————————————————————————–$14.95
(Fresh Lobster, Shrimp, Beef and Chicken sauteed with special vegetables in brown sauce)
13)Hunan Fish🌶———————————————————————————————$12.95
(Fresh fish and deep fried fillet and fried served with hot spicy, sweet and sour chef’s special brown sauce)
14)Lover Shrimp🌶—————————————————————————————$14.95
(Two kinds of marinated shrimp in a special white and mild spicy red sauce)
15)Shar Char Seafood Delight———————————————————————$16.50
(Lobster meat and shrimp, scallops, sauteed with golden vegetable service in Chinese BBQ sauce)
16)Three Ingredient Delight in the Basket————————————————-$16.50
(Fresh Lobster and Shrimp sauteed in hot chili sauce and chicken sauteed in chef’s special brown sauce)
17)Dragon and Phoenix🌶————————————————————————–$16.50
(Fresh Lobsters and Shrimp sauteed in hot chili sauce and Chicken sauteed in chef’s special brown sauce)
18)Seafood Delight in the Birds Nest———————————————————-$16.50
(Shrimps, scallops and Lobster meat with golden vegetables service in white sauce, Dine-in service on crispy special nest)
19)Peking Duck————————————————————————————————–$18.00

Healthy Dishes

Choice  W/ Fried Rice, Steam Rice,  or French Fries:———————————– $4.99
1)Sweet and sour chicken(or Pork)
2)Fried shrimp
3)Beef stick
4)Lo mein

Family Dinner

-Choice of soup:Egg drop, Hot & sour or Wonton soup
-All appetizers:Spring roll, Crab puff and BBQ Ribs
-Fried or Steamed Rice
-Entrees:Selection of one Entree
1)Sweet and sour Chicken
2)Chicken with Garlic Sauce🌶
3)Shrimp with Vegetables
4)Kung Pao Chicken🌶
5)Hunan Shrimp🌶
6)Mongolian Beef
7)Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
8)Beef with snow peas
9)General Tso’s Chicken🌶
10)Shredded Pork with Szechuan sauce🌶
11)Sesame Chicken
12)Chicken with Mix vegetables
13)Orange Chicken🌶
14)Chicken with String Bean
15)General Tso’s Shrimp🌶